Saturday, November 1, 2008

Incredible Pilot Lands on Only One Wing - Video

An absolutely incredible piece of piloting is performed by this stunt pilot who amazingly landed his plane unharmed while flying with only a single wing because one wing came off during a stunt. I have never seen any landing like this before. It is remarkable that he landed uninjured.

The pilot was totally calm and cool during the incident. What a pro.

Many of the comments on YouTube insist that the video is a fake; however, unless one had the resources of a Hollywood studio, it appears to be impossible to fake.

There is no sign of cgi being used in the film. The only other way I know of faking it is to photoshop each and every frame which would take forever. It must be real.

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Anonymous said...

the video is most definately fake...look at the movement of the aircraft as it touches down....those movements are not natural.

Di$]EN[a|3LeD said...

Well, that was a bit of a dumb comment really. When does a plane landing with one wing look natural. Stop and consider that as human beings were used to seeing things land with two wings, ergo it wont look natural.

I suppose if this was a solid comment then it would'nt have been posted by "anonymous".

Anonymous said...

You would think there would be a news report of this happening somewhere, but the only thing close I could find the story has been retracted.

Jason said...

Well, these aircraft are capable of knife-edge flying.. that is, they can fly in a straight line with 90 degrees of bank without losing height. With a power to weight ratio in excess of the weight of the aircraft I have seen these stunt planes hover vertically - actually hanging in the sky by their propellers.. I would say that this is quite possible - perhaps we need to ask mythbusters!

Anonymous said...

It looks very much like CGI which today does not require a Hollywood studio budget. It smells of viral marketing. The fact that this does not show up in any news forum and no names are given as to the pilot or such is stronger evidence that it is fake. There are a number of similar videos of RC single wing landings that probably served as inspirations for this.

gtveloce said...

The landing looks fake - how did he kick it from such an extreme angle with so much power on to suddenly go dead flat with a very short roll to stop? Using just one remaining aileron and the rudder? To kick it flat that quickly? I don't think so! And why doesn't it overbalance on the ground with all that weight removed from one side? You'd expect to see the wing drop and the aircraft spin to a stop, unbalanced, unable to brake normally. Yet he just casually parks... missing wing noticeably hidden from our view.

Nicely done viral vid, though.

Anonymous said...

this is SOO fake! when the wing fell off, it just floated to the ground. PLUS why would the wing fall off so easily? NO this is SOOO not real!

Anonymous said...

you can see that it goes from an extreme angle and very high rate of speed and then it akwardly snaps into the landing position and then suddenly bounces once and stops. then there is a pause and you see his arm. fake. fakefakefake

Anonymous said...

I've seen the exact same landing done with a Edge 540 Radio Controlled airplane that lost its wing in flight at our local RC airfield. The pilot did a knife edge flight over the runway and then a quick 1/4 snap roll (4f) into the grass beside it. Cracked the landing gear and one blade on the prop but the plane remained intact!

Could be a fake vid, but as I've personally witnessed it done exactly like that with a scale RC, I think it is probably real.

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