Friday, October 19, 2007

Britney Spears Runs over Paparazzo's Foot

Britney Spears' Mercedes ran over a paparazzo's foot as she left a medical office building in Beverly Hills. It appeared that the photographer was uninjured, but the mishap does look serious in the video.

In all fairness to Britney, the photographer was entirely too close to her car. Is it possible that he may have even gotten himself run over deliberately in order to create an incident he might benefit from? That is difficult to tell.

The paparazzi literally swarm around Britney when she is out and about. They swarm so much that it is surprising that this has not happened before.

She was reportedly at the medical building to get injections to enlarge her lips. Well, that is something we all need, isn't it?

Britney also lost her overnight visitation rights to see her children because she failed to follow up on her drug testing and because she also stood up her parenting coach for an appointment at her home. The coach showed up, but Britney must have had better things to do.

Since she blew off her court ordered obligations, the court is now punishing her by allowing fewer visitation rights to see her children.

Will Britney ever get her act together?

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