Saturday, October 27, 2007

FBI Reported Seizing $2 million in David Copperfield Rape Investigation

Fox News and are reporting that David Copperfield is being investigated by the FBI. The investigation is reportedly about a rape complaint that a Seattle woman has filed against the illusionist.

Because the alleged rape occurred in the Bahamas, which is outside of the US, the FBI has legal jurisdiction over Americans accused of crimes there. has reported that Copperfield allegedly offered the woman $2 million for her silence in the matter. According to Fox News, the FBI raided a warehouse that Copperfield either leases or owns in Las Vegas. has reported that the FBI seized $2 million cash in that raid along with digital camera equipment and a computer hard drive.

The FBI is reportedly investigating whether Copperfield photographs attractive women who attend his Las Vegas shows and then invites them to his hideaway on the Bahamas.

According to a friend of the alleged victim, Copperfield invited the alleged victim to a “lavish party” at his compound in the Bahamas. When the woman arrived last July 27th, there was no party--only she and Copperfield.

The woman’s friend states that Copperfield held the woman down and forced himself on her leaving terrible bruises. The woman used her cell phone to take photos of the scene, then flew back to Seattle, where she filed her complaint.

A spokesperson for Copperfield has denied all of the allegations.

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