Saturday, November 3, 2007

Britney Spears $737,000 Monthly Income $0 Invested

The Associated Press (AP) is reporting that Britney Spears earns $737,000 per month and spends all of it, neither investing nor saving any of it.

The AP’s sources are court documents from Britney’s child custody case with her ex, Kevin Federline. The documents were released Thursday.

Britney spends $49,267 per month in mortgage payments on two houses, $16,000 monthly for clothes, and $102,000 per month on entertainment, gifts and vacations.

She also spends $4,758 a month dining out, although most of the photos taken by paparazzi showing her dining out were of Britney at fast food restaurants. She also gives $500 per month to charities.

Britney pays $15,000 per month to Federline for child support and $20,000 to him for spousal support; however, the spousal support ends November 15th.

Here is a breakdown of Britney’s income and expenses:

The AP report makes no mention of where the other $500,000+ per month went.

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