Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lindsay Lohan's Mercedes for Sale on Ebay

The charcoal grey Mercedes that Lindsay Lohan drove into a palm tree in July during one of her famous Hollywood meltdowns is for sale on Ebay. An enterprising Texas auto dealer has repaired the 2005 Benz where Lindsay smashed in the left front fender.

Initial asking price is $110,000, and there is one bid at that price. However, the seller has an undisclosed reserve that has not been met, so this car will not sell that cheaply. It sold new for $217,420.

The 12 cylinder vehicle features 604 horsepower, so it is not surprising how Lindsay let this one get away from her and wrapped it around an LA palm tree.

The dealer probably vacuumed up enough cocaine that LL spilled on the carpeting to make a tidy profit even before selling the car.

Perez Hilton is reporting that Lindsay showed up for lunch with the bunch at The Ivy restaurant in LA, which is one of her old hangouts from when she was still using.

It must have been a visit for old times sake, but, naturally, the paparazzi were all over her. Maybe she just wanted some attention?

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