Thursday, November 8, 2007

Memorbilia Dealer Implicates OJ Simpson In Vegas Hearing

OJ Simpson appeared in a Las Vegas court room today for a preliminary hearing to determine whether Simpson should stand trial for a September 13th alleged armed robbery in a hotel room at the Palace Station Hotel-Casino.

Sports memorabilia dealer, Bruce Fromong, testified that Simpson and his associates burst into the room “in a military invasion fashion,” and that although Simpson was not armed, two of his associates were. Fromong also testified that OJ was screaming, “This is all my s---. This all belongs to me. You stole this from me. Let's pack up. Let's get out of here.”

Fromong said that one of the armed men pointed a gun to Fromong’s head saying, “I'll shoot your a--.”

Deputy District Attorney David Roger said he expects to call seven more witnesses in the hearing which is expected to last only two days.

Fromong, who had a heart attack only days after the incident, testified that he called a TV show from his hospital bed to explain his version of the incident. He admitted that he has tried to sell items, that were identical to what was stolen, on Ebay, and that he has discussed the possibility of writing a book about the affair.

Fromong testified that Simpson also took memorabilia related to Joe Montana, Duke Snider and Pete Rose. That testimony is important because Simpson’s defense is that he was merely trying re-acquire items that were stolen from him years ago. If the prosecution is able to prove that Simpson stole items that were never his, that would potentially shoot holes in Simpson’s contention that he only took his own belongings.

Tom Scotto, a friend of Simpson’s from North Miami Beach, FL, said that Simpson believes that the charges in the case were filed because of the not guilty verdict in Simpson’s murder trial for his wife’s slaying in 1994.

Outside the courtroom were a man dressed in a chicken costume and a woman dressed in a rabbit suit with the words “Stop Police Brutality” painted on it. Overhead a helicopter circled.

The circus for the second OJ trial has begun.

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