Saturday, November 24, 2007

Nicole Kidman Testimony Lays Bare Paparazzi Lifestyle

Nicole Kidman’s testimony this past week in an Australian defamation trial has exposed the life of the paparazzo as a financially rewarding occupation where the more unscrupulous you are the more successful you become.

The oscar winning, Australian born actress testified in court this week how she was reduced to tears after being chased through the streets of Sydney by Jamie Fawcett, a local paparazzo with a ruthless reputation for snapping whatever and whenever he is able. It is said that he will stop at very little to get his celebrity photo.

According to Frank Thorne, a British journalist working down under, a decent set of photos will bring the photographer around $50,000 Australian, or about $47,300 US. That much money can come from only a few hours work.

Thorne has also said that a killer set of photos will command $250,000 Australian, or about $219,000 US. One of the most desired photos in recent years was the first photo of Russell Crowe’s new baby. The paparazzo who finally snapped it is reported to have earned $300,000 Australian, or about $262,000 US.

The combination of those types of paydays and the easy entry into the field, means that just about anyone can become a paparazzo. It also means that the occupation will attract people of the lowest character, people who will lie, cheat, steal and more to obtain their lucrative payday.

The remaining paparazzi who still work under some moral code are embarrassed by the seedy reputation their chosen occupation is currently enduring. The accepted line of thinking is that the paparazzi chased Princess Diana to her death in Paris in 1997.

Who will be the next celebrity to fall victim to the paparazzi’s greed?

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Michele said...

It is very sad to see the fear in Ms Kidman's face especially as she had no alternative to appear in court on the day. The photographers waited like vultures to pounce on her and get whatever type of picture they could for the grand prize of money! Truely isn't this a reflection of the disrespect for another human being having to continue being subjected to aggressive behaviour of photographers. Ms Kidman simply got out of a car and walk to court..... the look on her face said a million words. The photographers obviously have no feelings or thoughts for the horrendous stress they continue to project on Ms Kidman. An interesting observation is the photographers seem to behave much better when Ms Kidman is with her husband protecting her from this type of frightening behaviour. Isn't it time for them to wake up to themselves and be at least reasonable. Unfortunately there is no excuse for bad behaviour and disrespect towards a woman who is trying to make a difference in the world for other women and children who are less fortunate than herself.

McCafferty Himself said...

Michelle, I could not agree with you more. It is really a situation of life being like the wild, wild west with the paparazzi. Some of them just go wild and subscribe to no rules whatsoever.

baby cribs said...

Nicole Kidman is style gorgeous as before. She is not changing. She is the woman that will die beautiful. I wish I can meet her one day.

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