Friday, December 28, 2007

Tom Hanks on Acting and "Charlie Wilson's War"

Actor Tom Hanks has been nominated for a Golden Globe award as best actor in a comedy or musical for his portrayal of US Congressman Charlie Wilson in Charlie Wilson’s War. Most of the reviews of the movie have indicated that Tom has managed to give another remarkable performance in the film, but Hanks has grown into such an incredible actor that most of us expect him always to nail the role right on the head.

His co-star, Julia Roberts, plays Joanne Herring, a Houston, Texas, socialite, talk show host and political activist in the film.

When asked how it was to work with Hanks, Roberts, who had never worked with Hanks prior to Charlie Wilson’s War, said, “He’s Mister nice guy, but he’s more than nice. He’s interesting and truthful and amazing.”

“He’s (an) incredibly honest person. So I think that, you know, transcends his work and his art in every way. So, in that way, you sort of really have to bring an authentic game (to your role).”

Hilary Angelo, when talking about a hot tub scene that she appeared in with Tom, said he “never made any sort of remark…never even looked at me below the neck. So I never felt uncomfortable. And in between takes we got to put our own clothes on.”

Jud Tylor, who was also in the same hot tub scene, said “I was wearing a little gold ‘80s bathing suit. Tom Hanks…needed to appear naked in this scene so he was wearing a nude sock. And it was actually the first day of shooting in the first scene.”

“It was a very surreal experience sitting next to Tom Hanks for him to wearing a nude sock and for me to be sure I never had to avert my eyes.”

The video is Tom Hanks explaining his role in Charlie Wilson’s War.

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