Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Newborn Baby Falls from Moving Train When Mother Faints

A pre-maturely born baby girl, just moments old, fell off a moving train after her mother lost consciousness after giving birth. Miraculously, the baby survived the ordeal after lying on the railroad tracks for two hours.

The incident occurred in Ahmedabad, India, where train bathrooms are merely a hole in the floor that drop to the tracks below.

The mother, known only as Bhuri, who is 33 years old, gave birth unexpectedly while going to the toilet. Baby Bhuri slipped through the toilet hole to the tracks below when mother Bhuri fell unconscious after giving birth.

Bhuri's relatives found her in the toilet soaked in blood, but her baby was gone. The relatives immediately pulled the train's emergency brake.

Workers from a nearby train station began a frantic search along the tracks in the middle of the night. The workers were able to locate the baby after searching in the dark for nearly two hours.

Baby Bhuri, who is yet unnamed, dropped onto the rocks between the tracks' steel rails.

She was born 8-10 weeks premature and weighed only 3 pounds 4 ounces. However, Baby Bhuri is in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Mother Bhuri was enroute to Ahmedabad for a medical checkup when the incident occurred.

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Savannah said...

this story is insane. I can't believe that the baby survived almost two hours on the tracks.

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