Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Media Maintain Vigil Outside Ted Kennedy's Hospital - Video

Over 50 reporters, photographers and video cameramen maintained a constant vigil outside Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital on Tuesday awaiting any word on the condition of Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy who was hospitalized there last Saturday after suffering a seizure.

Doctors have ruled out a stroke but are still conducting tests to determine the exact cause of Kennedy’s medical problems.

Video cameras on tripods are clustered around the hospital’s three entrances in hopes of catching a glimpse of any celebrity visitors of the Democratic Senator from Massachusetts. A total of nine satellite vans with their antennas stretching high into the sky were gathered around the hospital’s main entrance.

Members of the media came from local newspapers and TV stations, from national networks including CNN, and even from Extra, the television entertainment magazine.

The arrival of Victoria Kennedy, the Senator’s wife, caused a flurry of activity among the media, and President George Bush telephoned Senator Kennedy on Monday to wish him well.

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