Sunday, August 24, 2008

Robber Gets What's Coming to Him - Video

An armed robber tries to hold up a gun store and runs into the unexpected. If more store owners took measures like this, there would be far fewer robberies.

Did you notice that robber looked directly into the camera before he pulled his gun? While don't you smile for the camera, putz?

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Anonymous said...

He looked at the camera probably because it's fake and set up. He reaches clear across the counter like he is going to punch the clerk with the gun. The counter starts at 0. The cam has a very low POV for a security camera. It has that "old security camera" look which seems was added. He doesn't fire the gun when a dog bites his arm. The jacket is thick (from padding) and has tears already in it (from previous takes). The clerk acts very calm and does nothing after lifting the dog over the counter. All employees of gun shops carry a sidearm. Etc. I could go on and on why this video is not real.

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