Friday, September 26, 2008

Police Arrest Mugger that Fist Fights Deaf Elderly Granny

New York City police have arrested a 21-year-old suspected mugger who had a fist fight with an 83-year-old deaf grandmother. Elsie Barretto used only her fists to fight off a young mugger who was 62 years younger than she when he tried to rob her in her New York City apartment building.

Granny Elsie refused to give up her money even after the mugger repeatedly punched her in the face. Elsie said that the mugger followed her into her apartment building as she returned from grocery shopping, but she could not hear him behind her because she is deaf.

They both went onto the elevator and Elsie said hello to him and said "have a nice day." The mugger got off on her floor and then grabbed Elsie in a choke hold throwing her to the floor.

But Elsie Fought back. "When I pushed him, he didn't like it, and he came and beat me more," said Elsie. "I'm tough. I hit him back."

Elsie continued to fight back while the man punched her, and she prevented him from taking the cash in her pockets even though he ripped at her pants.

"I fought. Yes I fought him. I punch him. I don't remember if I scratched him. I don't remember. But I know I beat him and beat him and beat him and kicked him first. That's why he got mad at me because I threw him down. When I threw him he hit himself on the wall and he got mad and started beating me more, beating me more," she said.

The mugger finally gave up when he heard someone coming.

Elsie received a black eye, some broken dentures and cuts and stitches inside her mouth after being treated in a local hospital.

"I told the cops, if you find him, bring him back to me." Elsie said. "I want them to bring him so I can punch him and ask why he did that to me, and I want to break his nose or break his teeth."

21-year-old Anthony Jackson, of East Harlem, turned himself in to police after pictures of him from the apartment building's security camera were broadcast on the local news.

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