Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gang of Children Caught Roasting Live Puppies Over Bonfire - Video

A gang of children from age 10 to early teens were caught slowly roasting two live young puppies over an open bonfire along a canal bank near Manchester, England. The two adorable puppies were clearly shocked and had huddled together for each other's protection.

They were yelping loudly in both panic and distress while their fur began to burn, and the pair was desperately struggling to escape from their tormentors.

Fortunately for the young pups 32-year-old Melanie Johnson was walking nearby and heard the commotion. When she came upon the scene the woman ordered the gang to release the puppies immediately, which they did.

Said Johnson, "I just could not believe the cruelty being shown by these kids. If I hadn't turned up, I think they would have burned the dogs alive."

"I was ripping mad and still am to think that anyone, least of all children, could do this."

Johnson first took the puppies home, wrapped them in a towel and then brought them to an animal shelter to be examined by a veterinarian. Surprisingly, the cross-bred puppies were found to be in relatively good condition considering their plight.

Jean Spencer, the shelter manager, said, "the puppies are only seven weeks old and still smelled of smoke from the bonfire when they arrived."

"The fur on one of them was singed and the other has a small hernia. Fortunately, they are going to be fine."

"To think that children could be so cruel is really disgusting," she added. "The puppies are absolutely gorgeous. Everyone here has fallen in love with them."

The male puppy was named Guy, while his sister was named Cinders, apt names for a duo who were rescued from certain death just in the nick of time.

The police have not arrested any suspects at present.

The following video is an account of the poor puppies' misadventure presented by the Manchester Evening News:

Note: Because the nature of this story is so provocative, we sourced the story from several newspapers, including The Advertiser and the Mail Online to insure its accuracy.

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Anonymous said...

Catch the kids and snip them while they're young.

California Attorney, Michael Ehline said...

I am curious if those kids were muslims, since they consider dogs to be un clen. hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

This is just plain sad...

Anonymous said...

Sda but to the so-called lawyer, if you no nothing about being Muslim then don't speak about it. This is why racism still exsists in this world because of small minded "as well as other things" people like you.

loza said...

omg as soon as i read this i felt like bursting in 2 tears how sick and ill minded can u b them sados they shud be burnt alive c how they liy it !!!

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