Tuesday, July 7, 2009

DUI Mug Shot - Joyce DeWitt - Three's Company

60-year-old Joyce DeWitt, a former star of the sitcom Three's Company was arrested on the fourth of July on suspicion of driving under the influence. DeWitt played Janet Wood, one of three main characters on the TV show that ran on ABC from 1977-1984. Her co-stars were John Ritter and Suzanne Somers.

Her mug shot was released by authorities after DeWitt was stopped by El Segundo police after they allegedly witnessed her drive near a park and past a barricade intended to keep out traffic. Police administered a field sobriety test on the actress after having observed signs of alcohol intoxication.

ETonline is reporting that her bail was set at $5,000 while the Associated Press reports she was released on her own recognizance.

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Anonymous said...

How sad. I remember her as such a pretty, bright young thing on TV. The TV/Movie industry uses you up and throws you on the side of the road when you're no longer young and pretty and have TV/Movie producers lusting after you.

Anonymous said...

Listen to fempatriot. (Keep that name in mind when I make my comment) Yeah right, Joyce was thrown away? Um, you need to learn the facts and get off your fem-meds. FACT: Joyce DECIDED to go into broadway after Three's Company and do live acting. So with the many thousand$ she recieves from TC's royalties and her broadway work, I don't think she needs anyone's sympathy. Okay??? HER decision Ms Uninformed, um, I mean fempatriot. FACT #2. ANYONE who drinks and drives, nomatter if they were some big sexy movie star in the past or whatever NEEDS to be ARRESTED before they KILL SOMEONE! Dig? Now for fempatriot (Oh brother!!! {fempartiot???}) go get a real life!!!

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