Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cops Who Screw Up - Videos

Cops who screw up! One would think there would be so many possible videos on that subject that you could almost post non-stop forever. But this post is going to stick to cops driving their squad car improperly to the point where they end up in very hot water.

Our first vid is about a police car chase that goes wrong, as far too many of them do, it seems. The cop in this first video actually goes through...well, maybe you should just watch it:


If you think a police officer driving his squad car through the brick wall right into a building is bad, this next video isn't any better. This cop runs into a man in a wheelchair while driving his squad car. Watch:

In grammar school in basic first aid class I was taught: do not move someone injured in an accident. The man in the wheelchair could have further injuries to his spinal cord and not know it. So what does John Law do? He picks the man up and returns him to his chair. John Law flunks Rescue 101.

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