Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shopkeeper Miraculously Catches Boy Falling off Escalator - Caught on Video

A heroic Shopkeeper miraculously catches a boy falling off the top of an escalator in the Basaksehir shopping center on the West side of Istanbul, Turkey, and the action is all caught on video.

The four-year-old boy and his father were shopping at the mall, when the boy began climbing on the outside of the escalator. Of course, children shouldn't climb on either the inside or the outside of the escalator, but the outside can be more dangerous.

The top photo shows the boy after he has "ridden" the outside of the escalator and has reached the top while hanging onto it from the outside. The boy is highlighted in red in the photo.

Ali Apari, the heroic shopkeeper, had followed the lad as he rode up on the outside of the escalator, putting Ali into a perfect position to perform his heroics. Ali is highlighted in yellow in the photo.

Once our adventurous lad had reached the summit, he unfortuitously lost his grip on the hand rail and tumbled backward off the escalator toward the unforgiving floor below. But the heroic Ali had prudently secured a spot on that very same floor beneath the lad, and lay in wait of the wayward boy.

As the lad plummeted toward what may very well have been his doom, Ali snatched him from mid-air preventing what would surely have been a tragic ending.

The second photo was taken as the boy is falling in mid-air. Again the boy is highlighted in red and Ali is highlighted in yellow.

The boy fell from a height of about 15 feet, so at the very least he would have broken some bones. The very worst might have been a total tragedy.

The Washington Post reported that the boy was waiting for his father at the time of the incident.

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