Friday, November 30, 2007

Rodney King, former Police Brutality Victim, Shot in LA

Rodney King was shot Wednesday night while riding a bicycle in San Bernadino, California. According to Rialto, California, police, who responded to the shooting, King was shot with a shotgun, but his wounds were superficial.

King became an international symbol as a victim of police brutality when his videotaped beating by Los Angeles police in 1991 after the conclusion of a high speed chase made headlines and caused a furor around the world.

The King beating appeared extremely brutal, and the 1992 acquittal of the police officers involved in the beating resulted in Los Angeles riots that left over 50 dead and thousands injured. King eventually won a civil award of $3.8 million in the case.

After King was shot Wednesday night, he rode his bicycle home and filed a report with the Rialto police. Sergeant Don Lewis of the Rialto police said that King "had some minor pepper wounds that looked like they were from bird shot."

"He took some pellets to his face, back and upper torso ... It looked like birdshot, looked like (a) long-distance shot." Lewis described the injuries as "extremely minor."

The video below is King’s beating at the hands of the Los Angeles police on March 3, 1991.

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Anonymous said...

Rodney King, the defiant, high-on-drugs brute, deserved that beating. The two blacks that were in the car with him were untouched. The brief clip does not show the entire incident. King was defiant and kept resisting, hence the well-deserved beating, something he obviously NEVER got from his parent(s)! He's lucky that he wasn't SHOT!

Anonymous said...

you deserve to be what you already are, pay your sentence

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