Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Middle School Copycat of Victoria Lindsay Beating - Video

This video has copy cat written all over it. In a video-taped beating, a group of 12 to 14-year-old middle school girls in Clarksville, Indiana, lured a 12-year-old girl to a warehouse parking lot, beat her up and filmed the beating. Then they placed the video of the beating on, which is a video sharing site somewhat similar to YouTube and MySpace.

Photobucket quickly took the video down, but we were able to obtain a portion of the video, which is shown below. Police Chief Dwight Ingle said in the second video, which is a CBS report on the incident, that student who filmed the beating was initially hailed in school as a hero.

However, as more details of the beating emerged the students rapidly changed their attitude.

Police believe that the beating is a copycat of a similar incident that occurred in Lakeland, Florida, to 16-year-old Victoria Lindsay by six of her Mulberry High classmates. However, in this beating, the attacker used rocks as a weapon repeatedly hitting the 12-year-old in the head with the rocks.

Evidently the Clarksville Middle School girls wanted their 15 minutes of fame, or infamy, too. The 12-year-old victim is the daughter of a police officer and was treated for cuts and bruises at an area hospital.

The attack occurred on April 12th in a warehouse parking lot in Clarksville, which is just north of the Ohio River, is on the Indiana-Kentucky border and is more or less a northern suburb of Louisville, KY.

Police said that the incident began with one girl initiating an argument with the victim and then the altercation escalated into a fight, in which the 12-year-old victim was hit in the face and head repeatedly while the other girls watch, jeered and laughed.

Authorities are not releasing the names of the victim or the perpetrators because they are all minors. Fortunately, the victim in this incident was not injured as severely as Victoria Lindsay was.

The reports are not clear which girl in the video is the victim, but it believed that the perpetrator is the girl in the light pink colored jacket. The victim in this case fought back rather than let the attackers have their way with her.

CBS report and video on beating (sorry about the ad, but I could not get rid of it):

It is also believed that the attackers are a bit older than the victim.

Police Chief Dwight Ingle said that the attackers used rocks as weapons. "You can actually hear the rocks thumping on the skull of the victim," he said.

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