Saturday, April 19, 2008

Victoria Lindsay's 911 Call - Teen Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Lakeland, Florida, who was gang beaten by six other teen age girls from her school so they could post a video of the beating on YouTube and MySpace. Lindsay’s 911 call to the police after the attack was released by the Polk County Sheriff and is included below.

Here are the mug shots of the alleged perpetrators:

Police have said that the “animalistic” ambush on Victoria lasted 30 minutes during which Victoria's head was brutally beaten into a wall until she fell unconscious. See the actual video of the beating.

Victoria told People magazine in her first interview after the beating that she was in “a lot of pain” after the attack.

Victoria is also quoted as telling People, “Your No. 1 friend is your family. Don’t trust anybody,” and if “you put it on the Internet, it will live in infamy.”

Obviously Victoria feels betrayed by girls that she thought were her friends including Mercades Nichols, whom she was living with until the day of the attack. Mercades was allegedly one of the attackers.

At her tender age, Mercades already has a violent legal record. Last fall her boyfriend at the time filed a dating violence injunction against her.

All 6 1/2 minutes of the 911 call are now posted on this web page. The second Victoria Lindsay video of the fight released by the police is right here. The very first vid is here.

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Anonymous said...

there is a simply reason this video shouldn't be online as it is, not that I have any objection in principle, BUT you have not edited out the girl friends address the call was made from. ANY basic rule on safety online is that you don't post girls addresses online, especially in a video which will get a large viewing

cooliokitty said...

CAN YOU PLEASE tell me where the real FULL video is not the 3 minute version but the whole thing!?!

cooliokitty said...

can you PRETTY PWITTYPWEEZ tell me where the REAL, FULL video is where you put it "elsewhere". and do u know what the original vid was titled. and not this little 3 minute version, the ACTUAL one!!!!

McCafferty Himself said...

All of the links in the post should now be correct with links to the original Victoria Lindsay video.

Anonymous said...

You people are sick to even wanna see the whole video!!! I couldn't even handle watching the short video that'd horrible.!!!!! Grow up, that poor girl went threw h*ll

Anonymous said...

The 6 girls and 2 boys involved in the video beating of Victoria Lindsay should have their @zzez beaten. Its best Victoria didn't try to fight back because they may have beaten her even worse. Nobody knows until you have been put in her shoes. What they did to Victoria is disgusting.

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