Saturday, July 26, 2008

Brad Pitt Declares War Against Paparazzi After Two Invade His French Estate

The Associated Press is reporting that camouflaged paparazzi trespassed onto the grounds of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's French Riviera Chateau and fought with guards when they were discovered.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are staying at this chateau situated on about 1,200 acres in the South of France.

French police took two photographers in camouflaged clothing and also two of Pitt and Jolie's guards in for questioning in the incident. French police captain Olivia Poupot said both sides filed legal complaints against each other for battery and causing injuries.

According to the police, the injuries were bruises and scratches, but "nothing nasty."

Tony Webb, who is the leader of the group that is guarding the Chateau in Southern France where Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their six children are currently living, said that two men were discovered on the grounds.

When his guards attempted to escort the trespassers off of the estate, the men went “berserk.”

“We caught the two” on Thursday afternoon “and tried to escort them off the property,” Webb said. One “guy’s just gone berserk, thrashing out, kicking and actually biting one of the security people, breaking his finger, drawing blood and screaming that he had Hepatitis C.”

The two paparazzi, freelance photographer Luc Goursolas and Marianne Saint-Arroman, claim that they were on public property in a neighboring forest. The paparazzi confirmed that they were wearing camouflaged clothing to avoid being detected. Said Saint-Arroman, "We weren't going to wear a red sweater."

Goursolas said he broke a bodyguard's finger and bit another but said he did so in self defense. "I threw myself at them, put blood all over them and told them I had HIV so they would stop hitting me
," he said.

Only days ago, Brad Pitt's lawyer announced that the couple would sue anyone who published recently taken photographs of their family. has reported that someone recently took unauthorized photos of the family and has already sold them.

Pitt and Jolie are reportedly willing to sue any publication that publishes the photos because they feel that it would violate the couple's right to privacy.

The New York Daily News reported that Brad Pitt was furious after Thursday's scuffle and told the paparazzi: "I'm fed up
with my private property being violated. If you want war, you will get it."

Angelina Jolie gave birth to twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon by cesarean section on July 12th at the Lenval hospital in southern France. She left the hospital in Nice only last week, bringing the newborns home to the chateau.

News reports state that publications are offering from $15 - $20 million for photos of the babies, which is a powerful motivation for any papparazzo.

Webb said that the couple intend to take legal action against any photographer that intrudes into their private space. “The family are (sic) really fed up that these people are trespassing so we’re going to try to get restraining orders and use the law to do whatever we have to keep them off the property,” he said.

Other news reports are stating that Pitt and Jolie have already made a deal to sell the first photos of their twins to a US magazine for $11 million and they intend to donate the money to charity.

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