Thursday, July 31, 2008

Zac Efron Latest Photos

How do you know whether Zac Efron wears boxers or briefs? Well, many of you already know because if you are reading this you are probably a major Zac Efron fan.

You could ask his steady teddy, Vanessa Hudgens, but she is not likely to tell you much, if you can even get close enough to ask.

The only way to tell for sure is to watch the photos carefully. The shot on the right is Zac in the ocean, supposedly wearing only his underwear.

But that could be and probably is a plant. He might be wearing those specifically for a fee to advertise a manufacturer's product.

Manufacturers will pay a celeb like Zac a small fortune just to be seen in public wearing its products. It's even better than TV endorsements because the public thinks that Zac really wears those shorts himself.

But we have a few sneaky shots of the Zac-muffin outside Disney studios. Zac is unaware that he is being photographed and is just being himself, tha adorable stud-muffin that you have come to know and love.

He casually approaches his Porsche Cayenne S (nice choice in vehicles Zac), and begins his turn towards the driver's side door.

We manage a close up of Zac's tiny little butt and what do we see?


His jeans are at low rider height and you get a perfect shot of the real Zac Efron and his very own boxer shorts. No manufacturer's plant this time, thank you.

Zac Efron throws up the peace sign after 8 hours in the studio

So there you have it. The truth about one of the hottest heart throbs in Hollywood today.

Zac is a boxer man. Who woulda thunk it?

He obviously likes his freedom because that is what boxers provide--total freedom to roam.

Think it wasn't Zac? Here is one shot from the front to prove it's our man.


Next we have shots of Zac Efron arriving at LAX airport after a short visit to the big apple as he makes his way through an enormous crush of paparazzi to search for his waiting honey, the one and only Vanessa Hudgens.
Zac Efron hides behind his board at LAX

Amidst the crush of all of the photographers, the 20-year-old star of Disney's High School Musical I, II and III, remarked, "When did I get so popular?"

You're kidding, right Zac?

Zac holds up his skateboard to block the shot of some of the photogs, but it is a futile gesture as you can plainly see. For every shot he blocks, at least another 15 photos are taken.

In the next photo Zac holds his cell phone up to his ear. You can just guess what he is saying, "C'mon, Vanessa, where are you? Get me out of this mad house! Gotta find that girl!"

Zac Efron hides behind his board at LAX

Doesn't that sound like fun? Dragging your gear all over LAX looking for Vanessa Hudgens, who is naturally trying to remain incognito herself. Like there is ever a chance of that. And all of the while paparazzi are taking photo after photo. Snap! Snap! Flash! Snap!

But our favorite Zac in all of the wide, wide world finally connects with that remarkably beautiful Vanessa Hudgens.

She is waiting for him outside and, of course, she is surrounded by all of the paparazzi herself.

Zac is able to squeeze into the waiting getaway car, but their exit is blocked by, what else, all of the paparazzi. But eventually, they manage to nudge their way through the horde and are off.

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