Friday, November 14, 2008

Sarah Palin on Larry King - Video

Sarah Palin was interviewed on the Larry King Show on Wednesday, 11/12/2008. Larry asked some pointed questions, such as: "Should you have not done the Katie Couric Interview?"

Sarah said she felt that the Couric interview did not hurt the Republican campaign.

King asked her if those knocking her from inside the McCain camp hurt her. She responded no, she does not know any individuals from the McCain camp who were knocking her. She said unknown individuals could be just about anyone, so there is no sense in even responding to those criticisms.

King asked did you want to make a concession speech? Sarah responded that she would have loved to do so and that her speech would have been to praise John McCain, American hero.

Sarah said the $150,000 worth of clothes ruckus was ridiculous. She said she did not keep the clothes, and they were returned to the Republican campaign.

Do you pledge to the people that you will serve out your term? asked Larry. She responded that she will do whatever the people of Alaska want her to do. If they want her to call an audible to serve in another capacity, then so be it.

Here are the highlights of the Sarah Palin-Larry King interview (Video may not play correctly in some versions of Firefox--CNN's fault):

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