Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sarah Palin Talks Failed Election, Media and John McCain - Video

Sarah Palin talks to NBC's Matt Lauer in a frank interview about the failed election campaign, the media and John McCain.

Palin discusses the leaks from the McCain staff to the media describing her as a rogue and how difficult she was to work with.

She claims that any such leaks are totally inaccurate and completely fabricated.

She also claims that her Katie Couric interview did not destroy her confidence.

She was annoyed about the question Couric asked about what newspaper she read in Alaska. Palin said she reads the same papers that everyone else in the Lower 48 read.

She skirted around a question asking if she is comfortable with Barack Obama as her commander in chief.

She also skirted around a question asking if she would run for senator from Alaska. Her answer was that she feels that she would best serve the people of Alaska as governor.

When pressed about the senator question, she answered that life is unpredictable, which leaves the door open to run for senator.

Here is video one, in which Sarah Palin discusses the media:


The second video discusses the failed election and John McCain:

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