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Video Interview with Victoria Lindsay - Gang Beating Victim

Victoria Lindsay, the Lakeland, Florida, high school student and cheerleader who was allegedly ambushed and gang beaten by her fellow cheerleaders and classmates last March 30th, recently gave her first video interview since the beating.

ABC's Good Morning America interviewed Lindsay at length, and we have embedded the interview for you here. The alleged teen age perpetrators video taped the beating, which lasted for a half hour, so they could post the film on YouTube and MySpace.

Lindsay was allegedly beaten in two sequences by her so-called friends, and the Polk County, Florida, Sheriff's department released the film of the beating in two parts. The first film that was released by the Sheriff actually contains the latter part of the beating but has the highest quality of the two films, which may be why the Sheriff released that film first.

After Lindsay was ambushed, she was beaten until she received a concussion and lost consciousness. That early part of the beating is the second film released by the Sheriff.

News reports after the beating stated that Lindsay had suffered vision and hearing loss; however, she discloses in the interview that the hearing problem has healed, but she still suffers from vision impairment, which may be corrected with glasses.

Lindsay's alleged attackers have been charged with assault and a more serious charge of kidnapping. The trial of her alleged attackers has not yet been held.

Following is the video interview with Victoria Lindsay:

The callous attitude of Lindsay's alleged attackers shocked the world when news of the beating first hit the media. Cara Murphy was initially charged along with the other defendants in the case, but charges against her were later dropped, at which time she sort of apologized in an interview by saying, "I guess I'm sorry for all that happened. I'm glad the charges got dropped though."

Oh yes! That certainly sounds remorseful.

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The following blogger posted a transcript of the second Lindsay film because much of the conversation is garbled and difficult to understand:
Transcript of 2nd Victoria Lindsay Video

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Anonymous said...

Victoria's mom is so FAKE! Sitting there sqweezing tears out. Knowing shes not crying! I feel bad that her daughter got beat like that but, Her daughter needs to learn how to keep her mouth closed. They didnt beat her up for nothing. She needs to tell the WHOLE STORY! Because to me its just not adding up!

Anonymous said...

"Her daughter needs to learn to keep her mouth closed?" Really? So you're saying Victoria DESERVED this beating and we're just not hearing the whole story huh?

I doubt it. I think this is simply a case of a bunch of kids thinking it would be funny to post a Youtube video of a beating.

I hope all six of these girls permanent records and this will negatively affect them for the rest of their lives. They are evil girls who deserve all the negative publicity they've gotten.

Ray said...

I am shocked that these girls are getting off without any penalty. They are disgusting and they should be ashamed. I am sure that they will be in trouble again. And, they will be screaming for someone to help them out. We all need to stand up against thugs like this.
Ohio Father

Anonymous said...

The 6 girls are evil. This bashing resulted because they were jealous of her beauty and popularity at school. May Victoria learn that everyone has a Judas in their lives and that she cannot take anyone for granted. I believe that the girls should be tried and serve time in prison as they should learn from their crimes.


Anonymous said...

Teenagers are always jealous when someone looks better then they do period. I am completely sure there was a guy or guys involved that created this jealously. NO ONE deserves to be beaten like this. This is wrong and every single person including the guys watching outside should do prison time!! But since the system doesnt work like that, they will get what they deserve in time!! I support Victoria Lindsay!!

Anonymous said...

i think that it is sad that these girls think that it's ok to hurt people and what's worse the parents ,where are they when this was going on. they should have gotten jail time and community service is what i think

Anonymous said...

"Victoria's mom is so FAKE! Sitting there sqweezing tears out. Knowing shes not crying! I feel bad that her daughter got beat like that but, Her daughter needs to learn how to keep her mouth closed. They didnt beat her up for nothing. She needs to tell the WHOLE STORY! Because to me its just not adding up!"

God, people like you make me sick, this girl, actually, no child period deserved this. You need help.

Anonymous said...

these girls are completely jealous and its disgusting that they do THAT to solve a problem. I hope they all really get what they deserve because its absolutely revolting. Them laughing about it later really shows how completely disgusting these girls really are. They need to get over themselves just because someone is obviously prettier than them.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad I wish them girls would come to Memphis they would see how it feel to be done like that no one should have to go through this it is so sad God gets the last say so and what goes around come back around

Anonymous said...

No matter if Victoria was talking about these girls behind their backs or not, god puts us in situations to see what kind of people we truely are and how we handle the situations, and everybody can clearly see what kind of person Victoria is and what kind of evil people these girls truely are. These girls will have to face god one day and tell him why they beat one of his children!

TexasJudge said...

To the d-bag that said the whole story needs to come out... I hope you never have a daughter that this happens to. At what point does any 16 year old deserve to get beaten like this? 30 min of beating which ends in a concussion and loss of consciousness? All I pray for is that a civil case is spawned from this that leaves all of these girls families broke. Moral of the story needs to be if you act like an animal no one will treat you like a human.

Anonymous said...

WoW to the girl who said that she deserved this and her mom was trying to squeeze out tears. Maybe she was trying to hold back tears. It doesn't matter what was said or done by Victoria. It was a 6-5 on 1, that's just pathetic. One on one is one thing but jumping 1 person?! I understand that the movie was glamorize a bit too but no one deserves this, no one.

D MAN said...

Victoria if you aver read this please post a video on youtube letting the world know you are ok. Your story has realy effected me aswell as alot of people around the world and would just like to know how you are doing. God bless you. D-man UK

Anonymous said...

why does the caption in your first photo read "Victoria Lindsay during fight"? to what "fight" are you referring? when a gang viciously assaults someone, does the victim get into a "fight" with them? i realize you're trying do so some good here, but you shoot yourself in the foot by making these kinds of rhetorical gaffes.

Angela said...

WOW. So to the annoymous person who said that Victoria deserved it.. You are pathetic. I wonder what kind of parent you are or will be. Nobody deserves to get beat up like that. No reason at all. And for someone like you to even say that she should tell the whole story... PLEASE. Get the F out of here with that. All the coward, slack, pathetic girls that were involved should get permanent punishment and should get charged to the full extent. & yes I will post my name because I'm not scared and own up to my opinions.

Anonymous said...

i watched the recreation on crime watch and actually got upset it was discusting no one deserves that she didnt even no them when she wrote that stuff i hope the all those girls got what they deserve they all r sick n the head

Anonymous said...

If you ever read this Victoria I just want to let you know I think you are really gorgeous!! And I look up to you because you didn't fight back. I probably would've hit them back. I really hope this doesn't affect you too much. I just want to let you know that I wanted those girls to go to jail. They need that because they are messed up in the head big time. I hope everything is all good now after all this time. xoxo
G Bloom

Anonymous said...

Haha!!! Are u kidding me?! She deserved to get beat by six people? Wow you really are just another one of those girls whoever u are anonymous. Evil, belong with Lucifer in the ninth circle of hell, which is betrayal. Sounds like these girls did was started a fight over nothing! I heard one girl say oh Mercadies told me you didn't like me! Wow so beat someone for having their opinion about you. Makes a lot of sense. NO. She did not deserve that and u should he ashamed for saying something like that. U belong in jail with them

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