Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wheelchair Bound and Mugged by Teens

Two teens in the Miami, Florida, area take turns mugging and beating Celedono Carrera, 66, who is wheelchair bound and helpless. The police released this video, which is from a surveillance camera nearby, in hopes that someone would know the two teens involved.

Sure enough, the video led police to two young Miami teens who fit the description, and they were arrested. Miami police charged Royce Simmons, 17, and Xavier Hyland, 13, with strong arm robbery and battery on an elderly person.

The two muggers took Carrera's wallet and necklace. Fortunately, Carrera suffered only minor injuries during the incident.

It takes all kinds of folks to make the world, but these two deserve a special place near the Devil's right hand when their time on Earth is done.

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Hot Lady Body said...

These teens totally freaked me out. What are they trying to prove, that they are tough? A girl will laugh at their disgraceful actions.

By the way, I love your blog content. Will you like to do a link exchange?

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