Friday, August 21, 2009

America's Best Public Restrooms

The 2009 winner of the award for the best public restrooms in America is presented in the photos below. These incredible public potties can be found at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson, MO. Cintas Corporation, which provides restroom hygiene products and services, is the sponsor of the best public restroom award and has been presenting these awards annually for the last eight years.

The above photo is a shot of the men's washroom at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, and one would certainly be hard pressed to find a more elegant men's room than this. Click for an ultra high resolution copy of the same photo. Once you arrive at the high res page, click once on the photo to view an enlarged version in which you can view things in far greater detail.

The faucets here are gold plated, the same type found in bathrooms in high end homes. Notice both the fireplace at the far end of the room and the blue pedestals under the wash basins, which add even more color to an already colorful room.

Scan upward to the metal ceiling, which is a throwback to ceilings found in both public buildings and private homes in the late 1890's and the early 1900's.

The second photo finds us in the ladies' washroom at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre. Click for an ultra high resolution photo of this room. Again click once to enlarge the high res photo. Notice the fireplace again at the far end of the room and the pedestal sinks with more gold plated faucets.

This ladies room features what appear to be dark black fixtures, which must be an absolute devil to keep clean. Like in the men's washroom plenty of flowers adorn the wall above the wash basins.

Our third photo is also from the men's room at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, where male guests may relax with a round of pocket billiards. This room provides a double row of visitor seating on either side of the table so guests can watch the pool table action. Once again click to view an ultra high resolution copy of the same photo.

Pay attention to the photos of the presidents at the far end of the room. The portraits deliberately cut off the top of the heads of the presidents, which presents a puzzle. Perhaps there was a time in US history when that was the norm for such a photo. If any of you know more about that, please inform us in the comment area below.

The quality of the rest rooms at the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson truly impresses. Obviously, not every company can afford to make its restrooms so luxurious, but it is fun to know that at least one company is willing to go to such lengths for the comfort of its guests.

View and read here about other top restrooms that made Cintas' list of tops in the US.

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Branson Traveler said...

These are bathrooms you shouldn't miss if you're visiting Branson, they're some of the most impressive you will ever see. While you're there, Shoji also has one of the most popular shows in town to see too.

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