Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grim Sleeper Serial Killer Still Baffles LA Police

The Grim Sleeper, as he is called, has taken 11 lives thus far over a period of more than two decades in the South Central area of Los Angeles. Yet this psychopath is a serial killer who has the LA homicide detectives baffled so far. They have been unable to stop him or discover his identity.

Plus he is also involved in one other case of attempted murder where he shot the victim at point blank range inside his car and then tossed her out of the car to die on the streets of South Central LA.

The victim of that attempted murder was Enietra Margette (not her real name), who did not die on that fateful day 21 years ago and who is the Sleeper's sole surviving victim. Enietra describes the killer as an African American in his early 30's (which would make him in his early 50's now).

On the day she met him on Saturday, November 19, 1988, he looked neat, tidy and kind of geeky. He was a thin preppy type and wore a black polo shirt which was tucked into khaki trousers.

The killer offered her a ride multiple times, but she declined continuously until, finally, she relented.

His vehicle of choice that fateful day was an orange Ford Pinto with a white racing stripe on its hood. To Margette “it looked like a Hot Wheels car,” but the interior impressed her.

The car's standard gear shift knob had been replaced with a marble ball the size of a ping-pong ball. The car's interior was white with a white diamond-patterned upholstery.

Enietra and the killer exchanged banter for a while, then he suddenly pulled a pistol from a compartment in the Pinto and shot her in the chest while they were driving.

A surprised Margette remembers being totally baffled about what had just occurred. Why did he shoot her, she thought, and who would take care of her kids if she died?

The following podcast is a 911 call perhaps made by someone who witnessed the killer dump the body of the fourth victim:

Read the transcript of the 911 call.

Blood began trickling down her face onto her blouse, which quickly became soaked with blood. Enietra fell unconscious but was awakened by a flash bulb. The killer had taken her photo and had raped her.

She begged him to take her to a hospital, but he refused because he said he did not want to get caught. They sped through the night with her in the passenger seat beside him, bleeding.

Finally the killer pulled the car over to the side of the road, and there he beat her repeatedly over and over with his gun. After that he pushed her out of the car onto the street and into the darkness of the night to die.

But Enietra refused to die. Somehow she managed to walk several blocks to a friends house leaving a circuitous trail of blood in the street and on parked cars along the way.

When she finally arrived at her friend, Lynda Lewis', house, Lynda wasn't home. Instead Lynda and her husband had gone ahead to a party that Enietra had also planned to attend. Enietra collapsed on the front porch.

Lewis and her husband returned home about 1 AM, finding Enietra lying on their porch, nearly incoherent.

Once in the hospital, doctors were unsure if she would survive the night. Somehow she did survive, and Enietra began the long, hard journey back to a normal life fighting through physical therapy sessions and the like.

Enietra is the only known survivor of an attack by the Grim Sleeper. But at least 11 other victims were not as fortunate as she. The Sleeper's tally of victims thus far is 11-1, or at least that is the running total of the victims that we know of.

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