Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby in Stroller Falls under Moving Train - Survives - Video

An extremely fortunate six-month old baby boy strapped into his stroller rolled off a train platform into the path of an oncoming train on Thursday in Melbourne, Australia. Despite being pushed along the train track for 131 feet, the baby ended up with only a small bump and cut on the forehead.

John Rees, a spokesman for train operator Connex, said "It's a miracle this baby wasn't killed. The baby managed to escape with just a cut to the forehead, I'm told. It's a complete miracle."

The entire incident was captured on closed circuit TV at Ashburton railway station in Melbourne, Victoria. The footage shows the baby's mother momentarily releasing her grasp on the stroller to adjust her clothing, after which the stroller rolls over the edge of the platform just as a train pulls into the station.

One can see in the video that the baby's mother was so distraught that she almost went off the platform after the baby. She probably would have had the train not arrived immediately after the stroller slipped onto the tracks.

The miracle baby was treated at Melbourne's Royal Children's Hospital and then released to his mother.

The following video is an Associated Press report of the incident:


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