Tuesday, November 17, 2009

St Paul Somali Gang Films Assaults of Pedestrians and Posts on YouTube

 A group or perhaps even an organized gang of Somali men from St Paul and Minneapolis have been filming assaults they made against people unknown to them. The gang assaulted passersby, runners, bicyclists and even children, apparently solely for the purpose of filming the assaults.

Once they had accumulated a sufficient number of assaults on film, they then made a video out of the film and posted it on YouTube. They even filmed themselves, identifying themselves in the process and bragged that more videos were to come.

St Paul police have already identified all of the gang's members, but now they need the victims to come forward to press charges in order to prosecute any of the Somali perpetrators. At this point none of the victims are known to the police.

The first video is the local FOX affiliate's report of the assaults:

The second video is the actual video posted on YouTube by the Somali gang:

The quality of the group's film making leaves much to be desired.

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joe said...

Throw them in jail and deport their parents.

Pollynkorect said...

This video is proof that all men are created equal, just like the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court tells us. Obviously, Somalis could have created American civilization exactly the way North European White Christian Protestants did. Yes, these Somalis could have invented the boats that brought Europeans here, and trains, cars, telephones, electricity, computers and rockets that put men on the moon. How fortunate our Democratic Congress has allowed these people, who are just like us, to migrate to our fair shores and bless us with their equality!! Won't it be great when they are the majority and become our policemen, judges, jury, school teachers and politicians. Then America will be just like Somali!!! Isn't multiculturalism wonderful??

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