Monday, December 21, 2009

DC Cop Draws Gun Over Snow Ball Fight

An off duty Washington, DC, policeman draws his gun when local kids pelt his private vehicle with snowballs.

The policeman, who identified himself as Detective Baylor, stopped his vehicle when the kids threw snowballs at it. Upon exiting his SUV, they then pelted him with snowballs.That appears to be when he drew his gun.

Watch the first vid, which is embedded from the Associated Press:

Washington police are now investigating the incident, and it is being reported internationally, with reports even as far away as Australia. Some of the videos have gone viral.

The second video clearly shows that, after Detective Baylor had appeared to have holstered his weapon, a uniformed police officer arrived on the scene and this second officer also has his gun drawn and is holding it down by his right side.

Eventually the second officer also holsters his weapon. Detective Baylor does arrest one young man, and during the arrest the crowd shouts for Baylor to release him.

The second video is a CBS version and is shot from a different angle:

One of the snowball fight participants can be heard telling the uniformed officer that Detective Baylor is "a moron for bringing a gun to a snowball fight."

At that point Detective Baylor confronts that same snowballer by walking up to the young man getting right in his face. Fortunately nothing else happens at that point and Detective Baylor backs off.

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