Saturday, December 19, 2009

How Texting While Driving Ruins Lives

It seems that virtually all age groups are texting, so all age groups are texting and driving too. The following video graphically shows why texting while driving is illegal in 19 states in the US and will eventually be illegal in all states

The video was made for and with the assistance of the Gwent Police Department, located in Tredegar, Gwent County, South Wales, which is approximately 150 miles west of London in the United Kingdom.

The video is a trailer for a 30 minute film on texting and driving called "COW" that was commissioned by the Gwent Police Department and was produced and directed by Peter Watkins-Hughes, who is an award winning former BBC producer. Hughes also lectures at the Documentary Film & Television department at the Newport School of Art, Media and Design in Wales.

The video was released in July, 2009, and immediately went viral world-wide. Unfortunately, many teens have commented on YouTube, where the video is hosted, that teens click the vid off after aboout 30 seconds. Hopefully, more of them will watch the entire video, and, just as importantly, perhaps their parents will watch it too.

YouTube states that the age groups most watching the video are females between 45-54 and males between 35-54, so at least the parents seem to be watching.

Please be forewarned that the video is graphic in nature.

Please watch:

More information on Peter Watkins-Hughes can be found here.

The YouTube site states that "State of the art digital special effects were utilised to show the impact of what would happen inside the car during impact." The vid's special effects were created by Zipline Creative which is also located in the United Kingdom.

The YouTube site for this vid is here, and it  has been viewed over 3.2 million times thus far.

Please do not text while driving. It is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

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