Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fool Torches Car at Gas Pump - Caught on Video

A motorist pumping gas at a Kentucky gas station unintentionally set his car on fire on Sunday evening in Versailles, Kentucky, which is near Lexington. The motorist was fortunate to escape uninjured.

No he wasn't smoking and his cell phone did not spark the fire either, but he did enter and exit his vehicle repeatedly while pumping gas. That is all that it takes to set your vehicle and yourself ablaze while pumping gas.

The police officer in the video explained how you might set your vehicle and yourself on fire just by entering and exiting your vehicle while pumping gas. According to News.Discovery.com leaving your car running while pumping gas can also start a fire.

Why and how? "Because a running car generates heat and heat can induce the separation of charges in the atoms or molecules of materials. Separation of charges in the atoms or molecules of materials causes static electricity, an accumulation of charges that desperately needs to discharge. Frequently that discharge feels like a little shock. But if you're near flammable gasoline fumes, that little charge can spark a flame." That is straight from Discovery News at http://news.discovery.com/tech/car-catches-fire-at-gas-pump.html.

The signs on the gas pumps telling you to shut down your engine and not to re-enter your vehicle while pumping gas are there for a reason. But it seems there are still a few folks who need to learn the hard way.

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