Thursday, October 1, 2009

Drunk Kicks Blind Woman's Seeing Eye Dog - Video

It's caught on video! A woman's seeing eye dog is assaulted by a drunk female pedestrian at the entrance to the downtown Target store in Minneapolis.

It is very difficult to see happen in the video, but the woman in the blue shirt gradually angled her walking path over toward 53-year-old Lynnette Lijewski and her service dog, Brook. When she passed Lynnette and Brook, she kicked Brook in the face.

It had to be deliberate because she had such a short amount of time to angle her way over to the pair of them.

Watch this woman and her nasty deed in action:

Is that crazy or what? What could possibly motivate someone to do something like that? It is just so weird! The perpetrator is a 46-year-old local woman, but the police would not release her name initially.

I, for one, would love to embarrass her by publishing her name. She has been cited for animal cruelty, which means she merely receives a ticket, I believe.

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Jimmy said...

Mic, this is a perfect example of why women are evil. Drunk or not there is no excuse for kicking the dog. Shame Shame!!

McCafferty Himself said...

Women are evil? You said it my man, not I. Better not let your missus see that.

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