Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Victoria Lindsay Poll - 23% Favor Death Penalty for Teen Defendants

In a totally unscientific poll taken over the Internet, 23% of the respondents favored the death penalty for the defendants that allegedly beat up Victoria Lindsay for the now infamous reason of filming the beating to post it on MySpace and YouTube.

Another 22.5% of respondents favored a sentence from 15 years to life in prison, which means that 45.5% of the respondents felt that the offense was serious enough to warrant serious prison time and even death.

Victoria Lindsay is the 16-year-old cheerleader from Mulberry High School in Lakeland, Florida, who was lured to her then residence and allegedly beaten by six classmates and cheerleaders until she was unconscious. Then, once she regained consciousness, she was beaten some more.

Victoria suffered a concussion, vision and hearing loss, a chipped tooth and numerous abrasions from the incident.

The Polk County Sheriff's office released two videos of the beating. The first video was released not long after the beating incident, which occurred March 31, 2008. The second video was released about May 22nd.

20% of the poll's respondents favored a prison sentence of 5-15 years, while 23% favored 1-5 years behind bars.

9% thought that six months in jail was justified, and 3% favored probation.

Here are the exact results of the poll along with the wording used:
View Original Victoria Lindsay Beating Video
Second Victoria Lindsay Beating Video
Victoria Lindsay 911 Call Video
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15 Philadelphia Police Beat and Stomp 3 Suspects - Video
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Anonymous said...

This is unbeleivable. These girls and the two boys all need to be punished. What they did is barbaric, brutal and savage. No civilized, rational, normal human being would do something like this. What is the matter with them. The problem with a lot of the teens today is discipline. My mother would have let me sit in hail if I would have done something like that. I would have had to suffer the consequences for my actions. That is what should happen to all 8 of these kids. Looks like they are going to be good productive adults who will be an asset to society. NOT!!

Almost makes you want to let Victoria return the favor and let her get a few of her own shots in.

Anonymous said...

I hope that the girls that beat Victoria Lindsay get convicted of felony charges like felonious assault or possibly attemted murder charges. I don't think serving jail time is enough punishment for them - they need to serve prison time for this crime and they should also be required to pay restitution to the victim's family with the highest allowable amount by applicable law!

Anonymous said...

This is such an horrendous act of violence they should be used as examples and sentenced to jail for a long long long time and really meet some tough people their all disgusting individuals who have done this to this really pretty girl victorisa and their all most likely jealous . ugghh this video pisses me off alot and their parents should all be ashamed of their children's actions some sick Individuals

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